Jacob D Haslem

The purpose of an evolutionary leader Is to make evolution irresistible, effortless, irrefutable, and there for inevitable. To lead, is to first imagine a better future, inspire others to come together and create that future and then, sit back relax and watch evolution happen as a consiquence.    
Imagine - Create - Evolve
Searching Consciousness
Documenting the sources of positive change in society, at a time of great economic instubility. 
Directors Statement

Topics: Design in nature - the creative process - questioning your thoughts - living in the flow of life - zero judgement - radical self expression - food energy - vibrations & frequencies - listening to your heart beat - opening your mind - saying no to propaganda - take more time to imagine - doing less and accomplish higher quality - stop compairing and listen to how being alive is a miracle. 

Thoughts generate your reality. 
Understanding the true nature of reality changes your thoughts.
Reality become a creative process of your making continously unfolding before your eyes.

In this new paradigm, where there is access to information like never before, we get to communicate and connect like we never thought possible. The speed of life has changed. How life is lived has changed.  We as humans and people are changing.

When I look at the problems and solutions already worked out and designed I wonder why the world is so slow to get on board and change. It's all very distorted by information and most people don't have a genuine connection with there human selves, their spirit, or their higher conscious mind to muster up the mental power to shift their habits. They live without considering ethics at all. Not having the time to be aware and this is what's causing the problems on our planet... not having enough time.

I dont have the time, is a commonly used statement.

But what the fuck do you mean time. The only time that exist is the time we put into existence by keeping track of it. The very statement of it's 9pm here and 9am on the other side of the planet isn't even a true statement. 

There is no actual time break or difference in reality. It's just now and the possition of the sun and the earth are just what they are. Observing the sun lighting your side of the planet or not lighting your side of the planet doesn't mean the time is different in the overall perspective of the pass of time. now is now every where regardless of what time any person/human says it is.

So There are two perspectives happening simultaneously inside of our selves. one sees time from the perspective of the human species we share planet earth with, and one see the universal perspective that we all share existence with. The material planet earth perspective is what we pay closest attention to because it's where we find things like value systems, government, and scheduling. The universal perspective sees the true nature of reality and the connectedness of all things. True nature of reality is our reality is generated from withinside of ourselves and the only constant is change. The connectedness of all things is first, everything is made up of star dust & 99.9% space, and second things is we will all "die" some day. ... even the planet will die. ... the planet is part of the all.

This is an awareness of the true nature of reality and it touches on the imagination crises happening on the planet. We can fix the epidemics by enlightening people and showing them that just by having your basis needs met you have enough to experience bliss in every moment of life feeling completely satisfied and at peace with our self and those around you.

We have a responsibility to the rest of the human raise to be logical and share the abundance around us. But most people have been convinced into thinking they must covit their possitions and compete for power and glory because their legacy must live on even tho it will mater zero after they die. Generations of history has told us who we are for so long most of us can't discounnect from the norms and even begin to shift our minds toward a new norm. 

 A solution does exist and it starts with answering one of lifes most basic questions. ... Who am I... as a human, as a person, as a being? 

​You are LIFE and nothing more.

- Jacob D. Haslem


Searching Consciousness (Unoffical Release)

An awarrness of the mental programming so we can shift into different holistic lifestyles that help us break free of consumerism and begin to reinvent our selves and live better lifes.
  1. Culture
    Our communities, our society, our planet, we are all sharing in this life, but it's individual decisions that make up the whole.
  2. Information
    Infinitely everywhere all the time, and we get to choose what we see and how we see it, but don't forget some information is best ignored.
  3. Consciousness
    We are in the drivers seat of our own bodies and minds and spirits. The driver seat of our emotions, our actions, our lives. Whats beyond the awaken state?

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